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Why limit yourself to one mobile network
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How It Works

Combine the power of 3 major UK networks
in a single SIM

Calls, SMS & Data at the most competitive rates


8p / min*


3p / txt*


5p / Mb*

*Exclusive of VAT
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"Historically communications from various remote locations have been bad but the Strongest Signal SIM maintained coverage throughout."

Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team
UK Search & Rescue Team

How It Works

Communicate Telecoms - A whole new level of SIM

The Problem: A Standard SIM

With a standard SIM, you are tied into a single network, when your SIM loses coverage you won’t be allowed to register to another network and will receive a "no service" message.

The Solution: Strongest Signal SIM

With Communicate’s Strongest Signal SIM, when your mobile signal is lost and your phone attempts to connect to another available network, a handover of the signal is completed, giving you optimal coverage.

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In Action

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Scarborough & Ryedale
Mountain Rescue Team

Communication Black Spots

A voluntary organisation covering 300 square miles of the North York Moors in England. The area, terrain and low density of population means that mobile communications are often difficult, if not impossible.

Maintaining full comms during emergency situations is crucial as a delay in rescue efforts can potentially have catastrophic consequences.

"Historically communications from various remote locations have been bad but the Strongest Signal SIM maintained coverage throughout.

Our experience was that if there was any mobile coverage then the SIM picked it up."

Due to the successful testing of the Strongest Signal SIM, they are now rolling out to all their emergency vehicles.

Elm Tree House Farm

Lone Working

The Strongest Signal SIM provides an effective means of communication which is essential to ensure the safety of people who work by themselves in high risk environments and remote locations.

Elm Tree House Farm spans 280 acres where farmers spend the majority of time performing duties alone in remote parts of the farm. Strongest Signal SIM makes regular contact possible, wherever they are working.

"The SIM offers peace of mind not only for me but for colleagues and family, when I am working for long hours alone in areas where I’ve previously struggled with mobile signal."

Beyond Marathon

Challenging Location

Promoting ultramarathons; Beyond Marathon use GPS tracking devices that are carried by runners, cyclists and people doing expeditions all over the UK and Worldwide. The trackers are carried for safety, so they know where participants in events are at all times.

The Strongest Signal SIM was chosen for its data capability to use in the trackers, often deployed in rural areas, where the coverage on a single mobile network can best be described as patchy.

"The overlapping multi-network coverage means that our tracking devices can transmit their location back to our tracking website more reliably.

Feedback from our tracked participants has been universally excellent, and we now have plans to expand our stock of SIMs and trackers to cater for the growth in new business."


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I tied into a contract?
Communicate offer the SIM on a rolling monthly contract for £7.95 per month. However, you have the option to pay £71.40 for 12 months subscription; which is the equivalent of £5.95 per month.
What are the call and data costs?
Calls and data are charged at 10ppm and 10p per MB across 3 UK networks. International rates are provided upon request.
How will I be billed?
You will be invoiced monthly for the subscription and any call/data charges incurred.
Will this work with ***** handset?
The SIM will work in any unlocked handset/tablet, dongle, excluding BlackBerry.
Will the SIM work abroad?
Yes, this is an international roaming SIM. Rates can be provided upon request.
Is it possible to transfer my existing mobile number to the SIM?
Unfortunately, we cannot currently port numbers.
Do I need to set anything up on my phone for the SIM to work?
The SIM will be sent fully activated, all you need to do is enter the pin code once the SIM is in the phone.
Any another questions?
We would be more than happy to help.

Please email: or call us on 0800 404 8888.
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Strongest Signal SIM is provided
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Strongest Signal SIM

A whole new level of SIM

Launched in 2012, Strongest Signal SIM has been helping our Customers maximise their mobile signal for years.

To see how, take a look at some case studies here.

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